Copyright © 2000-2017 Yarnell Senior Citizens, Inc.                                                                                                       Website by Kurt Florman
Copyright © 2000-2017 Yarnell Senior Citizens, Inc.                                                                                                               Website by Kurt Florman

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What's in a Name?
It's official! Our official new name -- Yarnell REGIONAL Community Center -- more accurately describes our service area and efforts in our region: North Ranch to the south and Skull Valley and Wilhoit to the north. Our new acronym is the YRCC.

eBay items for sale:
Sometimes the Thrift Store receives a donation that is worth significantly more than we are likely going to be able to sell it for in the normal course of business. When that happens, we often attempt it sell it on eBay.

Well, it happens often enough that we have set up our own "store" to do that. Try it out at, where we're known as Seniors Plus-22302 (I don't know why...)

The Potter House -- "Off Center"
Yes, we have been "gifted" the building and land next door that had been used as the Potter's Church.
        Now have to decide just how to best use this property and are asking our interested memberships to think about this. Please let us know if you would like to be part of this committee.
           The next meeting of the committee is Tuesday, Sept 19, at 3 pm at the YRCC.

Continuing Activities
Tai Chi -- First Tues of each month -- 6:00-7:00 pm -- FREE

Game Night - Mondays, 4:00pm
Join us for Dominoes and Farkle, or bring your own favorite and we'll try it out.  For more info, call Jerry at 602-399-1679

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Support Steve Spence for 2017 Yarnell Regional Honorary Mayor
Steve Spence Rocks!
Donate to the 2017 Honorary Mayor campaign. Steve Spence is the Community Center candidate, raising money for the YRCC general budget. Select the "Donate" button below, and specify "Steve Spence Rocks!" as your message. Thank you!

             STEVE SPENCE ROCKS!